Athlete’s Dojo helps push athletes to the next level. Whether you are simply coming out of retirement and looking for some functional fitness training or you want to push your limits at the collegiate or professional level, Athlete’s Dojo will customize a plan for you that will bring you results. Sport specific programs are customized to focus on building strength, agility, speed, and endurance. Utilizing innovative techniques by training with international and national level coaches and athletes, our experts will study every aspect of each client’s condition to strategically achieve maximum results. Our experienced staff heavily emphasizes on both physical and mental focus to develop athletes to compete at the next level. We believe that there is always more athletic potential in every individual – it is our goal to push you past your limits in the most efficient and healthy way.




Sport: Field Hockey, Forward
College: Rider University, NJ
Year: Incoming Freshman

As a division one bound athlete, Coach Poland has helped me mentally prepare for the strain and level of hard work it takes to be great at such a high level. She has given me endless opportunities to train and make myself better, and when I meet her to train she always gives me more time and energy because she is excited to see my success unfold, as she is toward all of her athletes. It doesn’t matter whether she is training an athlete about to play in college, or an athlete that has never picked up a stick, she gives the same passion and focus to each of us. It has been such a blessing to have such an experienced coach at the high school level, where she has and will continue to be an inspiration as I move forward in my field hockey career, and as someone who makes a difference in people’s futures.”



Sport: Field Hockey, Forward
College: University of California – Berkley, CA
Year: Incoming Freshman

“I began my elite training with Coach Crystal to sharpen my skills and get ready to compete in Division I collegiate athletics. Her attention to detail helped me to perfect me skills and give me a new, lethal edge on the field. Coach Crystal’s knowledge of field hockey is so extensive that it made it easy for me to understand her coaching points. Her professionalism and attention to every detail makes her an exceptional coach. Through her own enthusiasm for the game she has brought my love for field hockey to a whole new level. I will for sure continue to train with Coach Crystal in my off seasons.”



Sport: Field Hockey, Forward/Midfield & Softball
High School: San Pasqual High School, Escondido, CA
Year: Sophomore

“I have known Crystal Poland for the past year now. I met her last fall while trying out for the high school field hockey team in San Diego, CA. I was immediately attracted by her passionate way of teaching and her overall love for field hockey. Though she was a new coach to San Pasqual High School, she was very eager and extremely enthusiastic about coaching field hockey. When coaching you can tell how much she really cares about the girls and pushing them to be the best they can be. She is able to spot our their potential and build upon it. For the year that I have known her, we have been continually working on perfecting my skills. She has truly been an inspiration both on and off the field. I’m amazed at her willingness and patience that she has with me. She is not only a coach to me but a mentor. She is genuine and transparent. I have grown so much working with her and I can’t wail to see how much farther she can take me.”


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Athlete’s Dojo’s mission is to push each client’s fitness and health to their maximum capabilities. Utilizing innovative techniques along with the most up to date nutritional coaching, our experts will study every aspect of each client’s condition to strategically achieve desired maximum results.




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