Pro Wide Receiver (AFL)
My name is Doug Williams, I am very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and want to help others who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle. I have excelled in athletics my whole life. This is my 17th year playing football. I went to the Division II Oklahoma Panhandle State where I received many honors. I was 1st team All-Conference as a Junior and Senior, I was 2nd team All-Super Region and 3rd team All-American as a Junior. I just finished my 5th year of professional arena football. I have played for the Nebraska Danger of the IFL, the Amarillo Venom of the LSFL, the San Jose Sabercats and the Las Vegas Outlaws of the AFL. I have a career total of 235 receptions and 65 touchdowns. When playing for the Amarillo Venom we won back to back Championships in 2012 and 2013. I became a certified fitness trainer in 2012 while living in Amarillo, Texas. I worked with middle school and high school athletes as well as middle age men and women. I am comfortable training all ages and either sex.
Throwing, catching, hitting, and agility skills

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